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York College is an excellent choice for graduate students who desire a quality educational experience at an affordable cost, and offers opportunities for students at all stages of their careers. As a senior college of the City University of New York (CUNY), York College offers graduate degrees in Aviation, Clinical Trial Management, Physician Assistant, Pharmaceutical Science and Business, Social Work, and coming Fall 2023 a new Master’s of Science in Nursing Education (MSN) program.

Aviation (MS)
Masters of Science in Aviation Program. Why York Master of Science in Aviation Program?
Clinical Trial Management (MS)
The Master's program in Clinical Trial Management at York College will be to provide students with specialization in clinical trial management.
Social Work (MSW)
The Master Social Work (MSW) Program at CUNY York College
Pharmaceutical Science and Business (MS)
The Master of Pharmaceutical Science and Business Program at York College is to prepare students for responsible positions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
Physician Assistant (MSPAS)
York College Physician Assistant Program is currently a Master’s Program (MSPAS).
Nursing Education (MSN)
This new Master’s program builds on the success of York College’s first-rate, competitive programs, the RN-BS track, and the Generic Nursing baccalaureate track, which have been recognized and nationally ranked byU.S. News & World Report,Nursing School Almanac,

Application Deadlines

Aviation (MS)
Deadline: Aug. 16th, 2023
Apply to Aviation!

Clinical Trial Management (MS)
Deadline: Aug. 16th, 2023
Apply to CTM!

Social Work (MSW)
Deadline: Fall 2023- Now Closed

Pharmaceutical Science & Business
Deadline: Aug. 16th, 2023
Apply to PSB!

Physician Assitant (MSPAS)
Deadline: Dec. 1st, 2023
Apply to PA!

Nursing Education (MSN)
Deadline: July 1st, 2023
Apply to MSN!

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The application process for Fall 2023 has begun for Aviation, Clinical Trial Management, and Pharmaceutical Science and Business programs, and it is strongly recommended to submit the applications by August 16th, 2023. Applications submitted after this deadline may not guarantee admissions into the Fall Semester.