Honors Program

Mission Statement: The Honors Program at York College seeks to provide academic, cultural and social opportunities to enhance the intellectual development of serious, highly able and motivated students.

Honors Program Goal

  1. Engage students in challenging classroom discussions within designated honors courses.
  2. Introduce students to a wide array of topics by means of their attendance at seminars, lectures and cultural programs, both on and off campus.
  3. Provide students opportunities for research and exploration in a wide array of courses, in multiple disciplines as well as interdisciplinary learning experiences.
  4. Provide students the experience of being part of a group of peers, and the rapport with faculty members and designated advisers, constitute fine ingredients for a truly rewarding learning experience.
  5. Provide students opportunities for cultural and social engagement to grow in and serve for the community.

Application Process 

Rolling Admissions! Apply Today!

For Current and Transfer Students

  • Grade Point Average of 3.1 Higher
  • Completed Online Application
  • Personal Statement
  • Two-Year Graduation Plan

For High School Students/ Incoming Freshmen

  • 88+ Average (Submit Official Transcript)
  • Completed Online Application
  • Personal Statement

The Academic Requirement for current program members

  • Complete Three Honors-Contract Courses
  • Attend Honors Seminar meetings each semester 
  • Complete An Honors Thesis or Present At A Professional Conference 
  • Maintain A 3.1 Or Higher Grade Point Average Each Semester To Stay In Honors Program
  • Attend One Cultural Event Per Semester
  • Attend One Extra-Curricular Academic Event Per Semester
  • Achieve A 3.3 Or Higher GPA To Graduate As York Fellow; A 3.5 Or Higher GPA To Graduate As York Scholar (additional requirements)

Important Dates for current program members

  • Honors Course Contract: 2nd Thursday of each semester
  • Research Registration Form: end of 3rd semester before graduation
  • Thesis/Poster Committee Roster: 2nd week of 2nd semester before graduation
  • Research Proposal Form: last week of 2nd semester before graduation
  • Thesis submission to Committee members (York Scholar Track only): 2 weeks before thesis defense
  • Thesis Defense/Poster Presentation: 1st week of April for June graduation
  • Graduation Application: 8 weeks before graduation
  • Thesis Defense/Poster Presentation Form: 1 week after thesis defense

Honors Program Coordinator

Laraib Tariq
Academic Core 4D05
Phone: 718-262-5279
Email: honors-program@york.cuny.edu

Honors Program Director

Dr. Jong I. Lee
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 718-262-2665
Email: jilee@york.cuny.edu