Institutional Advancement

Institutional Advancement

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It has never been a more challenging time for higher education in America. Rising tuition costs at public universities and the reduction in the financial support of public higher education have increased the challenges our students face in achieving a college education.

Gifts to the York College Annual Fund have a direct impact on the daily lives of our students.

As York College continues to work hard to meet the academic and social needs of its students, your donation will help to provide scholarships, enhance academic programs, recruit and retain faculty, as well as many other incentives. By making a gift to York, you express your support to the College, and its continuing pursuit of excellence.

Thank you for your investment in tomorrow's leaders

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York College is recognized as one of the most affordable senior colleges in the nation and provides the opportunity for a quality education to capable students regardless of their economic background.

The true cost of higher education includes tuition, books and supplies, transportation, and the ability to afford the cost of basic needs without seeking additional employment that can jeopardize their time studying. 

Over 80% of York College students graduate debt-free but that leaves almost 2,000 students with a financial burden and that doesn’t even speak to the number of students who take time off or drop-out if they cannot afford to continue.

Make a scholarship gift today to make a real difference in the lives of our York College students.

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