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Student Activation of Email

Information on how to to activate your new student email account and other key Microsoft 365 information and resources

Visit this site often as information will be updated

Provisioning of New Email Accounts

All new students should have received an email to your alternate email account informing regarding the status of your newly provisioned Microsoft 365 York Outlook email account. You generally will get this notice 24 to 48 hours after you have had your first workshop with the Academic Advisement Office. The email account is generally provisioned 48-72 hours after that notice unless our weekly run of the process for catching registered students ran before your registering for at least one class then the amount of time between your first workshop with the Academic Advisement Center and the actual provisioning of the email account can be longer. For additional information on Microsoft 365 go to 365LIVE

Email Address: (Please be aware that numbers are sometimes added after the last name if there exist a duplicate name)

Temporary Password: Your DOB (MMYYYY+last4 SSN)

Use the above credentials at the following link:

Academic Communications at York College

Activation of your newly provisioned Microsoft 365 York Outlook email account is critical to your communication with all academic and campus business at York College as this will be the only email York College communicates to while you are a registered student with our institution. The following is information essential to the use of this account.

New Email Account Information

You should have received an email with a very specific subject which you were given at the workshop you should have attended. When you get this email you must act quickly to activate your account. In that activation email you will have a link to a web page on the York College web site which provides you the standard format you need to use in order to log in for the first time to your account. The email itself should have provided your new email account ID. Use this ID to activate your new email account. In addition you have a standard default password that is comprised from personal information only you know as part of the default password format. Change This Password as Soon as You Get in to Your New Account. For activation information go to

Password Security

Once you have update your default password and tested it by logging back in to your newly activated account apply the following security practices in order to protect your account against any cyber security threats:

Do not use any existing passwords you already use for other accounts including CUNYfirst. While this makes remembering passwords a breeze, it compromises the integrity of all your security because once one account is figured out, all accounts are at risk. Please create a unique password and follow the following rules:

  • Password must be between 8 characters and 13 characters
  • Password must not be one of 4 previous passwords.
  • Password must contain at least 1 uppercase letter.
  • Password must contain at least 1 special character.

Once you have reset your default password to a unique password your new email account is considered activated. All York College official business and information pertaining to your academic journey here at York will go to this account and this account alone. If at any time you believe the account has been compromised or hacked, immediately change your password and report any incidents to York College Information Technology department. Information Technology at York College can be reached by calling 718-262-5311 or by visiting us at the Library on the 3rd floor of the Academic Core building during the hours of 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM. For additional information on cyber security please visit CUNY's Security Awareness website.

Campus Network Account

Your on campus “Network” account is also in the process of being provisioned but will not be fully active until a few days before the start of classes. This network account is used to access student computers on campus. Use the same password convention as your York College student email account: Temporary Password: Your DOB (MMYYYY+last4 SSN) The first time you log in to a York College student computer on campus with temporary password, you will be asked to make a new password. Once the new password is setup you can use the York College Student Network Account to access Student VPN, YCWIFI, Parking Permit online system and access York College Library printing, scanning and copying services.