Telephone Services

All telephone support needs can be directed to the IT Service Desk via phone call or the IT Service Desk self service portal.

Support for your phone

Use this page to gain access to the various methods of support for any issues you may be having with your new Cisco VoIP Phone. If you have reviewed the reference guides but still cannot find what you need or are having trouble getting something to work or the phone is physically having an issue use the below contact methods to get support.

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Your New Phone

The new phone system is a voice over internet protocol system. This means instead of connecting to the old and outdated copper wires, it connects to our network system much like our computers. This page will help you get familiar with standard features of the phone. During the deployment period basics will be the focus.

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Quick Guides

These are the current quick guides and learning information for the new phones system including how to enroll and create greetings for your voice mail.

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Adjunct Virtual Voice Mail

Adjunct Virtual Voice Mail (VVM) Please be aware that all virtual voice mail boxes are internal numbers and cannot be reached by dialing them directly. You must first dial the main York number (718)262-2000 and once the main greeting starts you can dial your VVM extension to start your voice mail session or setup.

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iOS & Android Mobile Device Support

Check here for support of your York issued iOS & Android mobile devices

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New Wireless Device Justification Form

Use this form for requesting new wireless devices and for annual justification for maintaining wireless devices. This is submitted attached to an IT Request

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