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Any computer on campus that houses sensitive or non-public University data is subject to encryption. Encryption ensures that this data is transformed using an algorithm to make it unreadable to anyone except those authorized to manage the information. Encryption provides a high level of protection on your computer or removable devices. Here is some information you should know about Encryption.

If you housed sensitive or non-public University data on your computer or removable devices these need to be encrypted.Removable devices have the added feature of requiring approval by the Collge VP in order to move data off campus.

Sensitive or non-public University data is data that contains things like social security numbers, credit cards numbers or any amount of personal data which can be used to compromise security for individuals or systems such as passwords or user accounts.

If you suspect that you are housing this kind of data or work with this kind of data and it is being saved locally your machine needs to be encrypted. In order to do this please contact IT support by calling our Service Desk at ext. 5311 so that they can schedule an appointment for one of our encryption support personnel to pay a visit to you.

The goal should be to move away from having to house this kind of data locally and avoid the encryption process due to the additional layer of security and responsibility this addes to your daily routine but if absolutely necessary there is a path to protecting this data and you should do everything to insure IT is aware of it.