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iPad Support

Tablets are becoming more popular for everyday use at York College and the iPad is no exception. While these tablets are very straight forward to use there are security, configuration and support information that is very important for anyone who uses a tablet and connects to the York network for internet and mail access.

It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with York wireless device policies as well as all security policies from the CUNY central site.

  1. All York-owned wireless devices must be configured by Information Technology. Generally, these devices may be received by York IT but in cases where you receive the unit directly, it must be presented to IT for configuration and proper tagging and tracking.
  2. IT will configure your York mail, and add Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote as standard work applications. Additionally, York IT will add the Find My iPad application and register your iPad within our asset tracking system. IT will also ensure that your iPad is properly tagged with a York Bar Code for inventory compliance. Standard account settings will be configured for use with York email.
  3. IT will establish a default Apple ID for your use with this unit. No credit card information is necessary to establish this account. IT will also establish a default Wi-Fi connection for use at York College.
  4. IT will help you establish a default passcode for your iPad. Pass-code is mandatory for any York-owned wireless device which is configured to use York email and access York data.
  5. Under no circumstances is the use of iCloud for York mail, contacts, and calendar events allowed. iCloud feature will only be activated for the Find My iPad feature. The default will be off for everything else. iCloud copies a backup to networks that are not in compliance with standards followed by CUNY Central for security practices and protection against University non-public data.
  6. York is not responsible for data related to Music, Videos, Photos, and iTunes on these wireless devices. York IT will do a one-time installation of iTunes for the purposes of using this application to back up your iPad. IT does not have any way of enforcing backups of your data outside of email so if your iPad is lost or stolen and you do not have a current backup of your data, your photos, music, and videos may be lost.
  7. In the event of your iPad being stolen or lost, timing is essential in reporting this to Information Technology. The Sooner is better. There are some things we could do in the early stages to insure security and the possibility of getting the iPad found or returned. Immediately we can cut off the Exchange mail account. Secondly, if Find My iPad was activated you may be able to see where the unit is located. Third, if you established the mandatory pass-code your system will be locked out. This will at minimum provide time and some security while all the above steps are taken to protect against any breaches in security. You must also immediately follow a report with Public Safety. If your unit was properly tagged before it was given to you, IT will have this information and when the incident is opened on your behalf this information should be part of the incident record. Please read the policies on wireless devices in order to be familiar with protocols for devices that are stolen or lost.
  8. If you are having any technical support issues with your iPad please call our Service Desk at ext. 5311 or open a YConnect ticket. Our staff will support all the standard applications like Microsoft and Email but will not be able to help you with any non-standard applications you may have uploaded on your own to this unit. We will attempt to support you on a best-effort basis.
  9. If you add additional applications on your own support will be on a best-effort basis. If these applications cause the unit to fail IT will re-install the iPad to a day-one state. You may be responsible for any additional configurations or applications you may have added.  If you believe you may have found an application that is of benefit to everyone who uses an iPad at York you should bring this to the attention of IT so that we may consider it for standardization for new deployments.
  10. Accessories such as car chargers, video converters, and or headphones are the responsibility of the user. Please keep in mind that you may be able to use your iPad for presentations instead of a laptop with projectors on campus. For this, you will need an iPad to VGA-converter. Currently, these converters are not in circulation but an attempt will be made to make them available, especially for loaned equipment for presentation. In the meantime, you can get these at most electronic stores.