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Remote Access Reminders

Remote access from home or abroad is available to campus resources via VPN and remote desktop. Please review the below reminders to insure optimal experience for connecting.

  • Get the name of your work computer in order to access it.

    Go to the bottom left hand side of the screen and type in the search box:
    "Device Name" and hit enter. A box will pop up. Look for "Device Name"
    The naming convention is your location followed by PC and a number. 

  • Leave your work computer turned on. This one is self explanatory
  • Insure you have privileges to install software on your home computer
  • Your home computer needs to be virus protected and we recommended a current OS

Security is critical and protecting the York network is vital to insuring non-public university date is properly protected. When you connect to the York network our firewall protection scheme will be alerted if there is a problem with security as it pertains to the security state of your home system. It's possible that in some circumstances your computer could be limited access based on any risk the the York firewall determines. 

  • Map shares on your work computer that you want to see when connect remotely

Check your department and personal shares to insure data you work with on a regular basis will also be available when you remote access it.


Remote Desktop Settings for Audio and Video