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1. Best Practices for Technology Requests

Helpful tips for optimizing results of your interaction with IT

1. Plan ahead - if you have a deadline allow time for IT to meet it. Give advance notice as much as possible

2. Stay in touch - communication is the key to insuring the best results. If you don't hear from us, don't assume we are on schedule. We are managing many requests and while we have systems in place to prevent issues, challenges do happen.

3. Use the IT YConnect self service portal for all inquires and technology request. This is a great way to get in the queue and start the clock ticking on getting what you need.

4. If you are not getting the results you require, escalate. Do not wait until the situation reaches critical mass. Things happen and even though we have your best interest at heart and the best intentions, keeping us honest is a team effort and we are all on the same team. Do not hesitate to contact IT managers and even up to the CIO if necessary.

Greg Vega - Service Delivery for Service Desk, PC Support, Telephones, Cell Phones


Kamrul Ahsan - Networking for Servers, Disk Storage, Backups, Email, VPN, WiFi


Rafael Nunez - Web Team for web content, plasma displays, web announcements, web apps


Claudio Lindow - CIO