Password Expiration Policy

This document illustrates what you will see when you login on your campus windows-based computer after your password has expired. It also illustrates how you could set new password and self-service challenge questions.

90 days Password Policy and Profile validator:

After you log in to your computer, this message will pop up.  Please click OK.

This screen will be displayed on your windows-based machine after your initial login.   Please enter a new password and confirm it and click OK.  Password has to be at least 6 characters long.

Once the password is accepted the above message will pop up.  Just click OK.  Please remember your new password.  At this point a new page will pop up (in about 20 seconds depending on the speed of your computer). This page will prompt you to input missing information in your directory profile.


Please make sure your Room no. is correct; the format should be Building code + Room No such as AC-2H01B.  Then please enter the phone number with the following format 718-262-xxxx.  Then finally click on the green + at the last line ( PW Reset Profile * Password Reset Profile available) and the following page will pop up.  


These are the three self-service challenge questions. You need to remember the answers you provide.  In case you forget your password and you need to reset it then you will be asked to answer these questions.  You can click the arrow on the right and pick your questions of your liking.  You can enter your own question as well.  Then click “Update”

Then you will be back to the previous screen


Just click on “Save”.  The * field is mandatory and the rest is optional.