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RENT Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Larson

May 2012 TIMOTHY J. AMRHEIN (Director), ALEX CONSTANTINIDES (Assistant Director), JONATHAN QUASH (Musical Director), MATTHEW KATZ (Director of the Performing Arts Center and Producer), DAVID T. JONES (Set Designer), ALLISON CRUTCHFIELD (Costume Designer), DANIEL WINTERS (Lighting Designer), JESSICA MORALES (Production Stage Manager & Choreographer), G. LAWRENCE BELCON (Technical Director), JACQUELINE BAILEY (Series Manager & Publicity), KWAME CLARKE (Performing Arts Center Production Manager). CAST: Kevin Gomez, Taso Mikroulis, Solomon Peck, Daniel Hidalgo, Marc Beard, Sabrina Thomas, Miya Bass, Tatiana Lizcano, Clarence Ilanan, Erick Carter, Jarrel Lynch, Stephen Pink, Alex Constantinides, Rickie Tice, Angelina Nidea, Gabrielle Calixte and Nina Oll-Adikankwu.

RENT   Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Larson
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