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English Department Open House


Faculty Dining Room (2D01)

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James Papa

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The 2009 English Department Open House program features students, faculty, and administrators. All are Welcome!

2009 English Department Open House Program

The theme for this year's Open House is "Home"Featuring the English Department's annual Book GrabRefreshments will be served


  • Valerie Anderson (Chair)
  • Helen Andretta (Deputy Chair)

Opening Remarks

  • Linda Grasso

Readings, Reflections, Performances

  • James Papa
  • Daniel McGee
  • Mark Blickley
  • Holger Henke (Assistant Provost)
  • CadyAnn Parris-David & Nigel Heath
  • Simon Volker & Vanessa Antoine
  • Marchelle Wilson & Phebe Kirkham
  • Justine Valinotti