Department of English

Department of English

Writing Requirements

York College has a “spiral” writing curriculum, in which students are required to take at least five courses that include not only significant amounts of writing but also specific instruction in the writing process.

The Spiral Writing Curriculum: Advice for Students


If you begin studying at a CUNY college in or after Fall 2013, in order to graduate, you are required to complete the following York General Education requirements:

  • ENG 125 Composition I: Introduction to College Writing. Must be taken by the 45 th credit, or by the 3 rd semester.
  • ENG 126 Composition II: Writing Through Literature. Must be taken by the 45 th credit, or by the 3 rd semester.
  • Two lower-level courses designated as Writing Intensive (WI)--see below. Should be taken as soon as possible after passing ENG 125 and/or ENG 126, which is a prerequisite for all lower-level WI courses: both should be completed by end of sophomore year.
  • One upper division writing intensive course (at the 300 level or above) within the major.
  • Transfer students who enter with the Common and Flexible Core requirements fulfilled can consider taking WRIT 301, 302 or 303 to fulfill part of their College Option. It may also be required by some majors, and be a prerequisite for some major courses.

Students should meet with an academic advisor to plan their academic program to ensure that they are taking courses in the order described and that they will meet these requirements by graduation.