Department of English

Department of English

English 199A: Student Writing Workshop (SWW)

This course is a 1-credit workshop aimed at building students' writing skills via peer writing communities.

Course Description

This course fosters student-centered composing strategies, peer review/feedback, and mentoring on various stages of the academic writing process (drafting, revising, editing). Special attention is given to writing conventions and rhetorical considerations including author intent, adapting to audience expectations, and crafting/delivering content. Emphasis is placed on drafts in progress to support success on written assignments in ENG and/or WRIT courses. Coreq: ENG 100-400 level OR WRIT 300 level. (1 crd)

Why SWW?

This course equips you with space, time, and support for improving your writing in the co-req courses where writing is central. Here's a list of activities you can expect to complete in the workshop:

  • Improve your writing in the co-req courses where writing is central
  • Receive the full attention of a small community of peers on your writing process
  • Develop effective strategies collaboratively for making peer review useful/more interesting
  • Develop content materials to guide subsequent writing communities
  • Participate in group-led writing processes, including brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, and revising
  • Enhance study and time management skills
  • Exchange approaches for writing to appeal to diverse audiences




What is ENG 199A?

This course is a 1-credit workshop aimed at building students' writing skills via peer writing communities.

What does a typical class session look like?

See the list of activities above.

Will there be homework?


How can this class help me?

This course can help with pass rates, improve grades on writing assignments, motivate you to complete written work in the courses where writing is central, provide opportunities to work closely with a small group of peers, and create strong alliances through learning communities.

Will someone correct my papers for me?

No, we focus on sharing revision strategies that equip you to improve your own writing.

How is this class different from tutoring?

Tutoring typically offers one-on-one individual sessions to work on aspects of your written work. This is very important, focused work and cannot be replaced with any other support system. ENG 199A is a one-credit course where you engage with a small group of peers in exchanging ideas and strategies for writing and revision. You both give and receive feedback and learn to be a more effective peer reviewer as well as a more effective reader of your own work. So, tutoring and this course complement each other but do not replace each other.

How do I sign up for it?

You can sign up as you would for any other course, bearing in mind the co-reqs in the course description.

Can I drop this class?

Yes, dropping this course will have no effect on the co-req but be aware of possible financial aid implications and the W marker on your transcript depending on when you drop. If, however, you drop the co-req, you cannot necessarily earn a passing grade in ENG 199A.

Do I have to pay for it?

It’s a one-credit college course, so cost is determined depending on your financial aid situation. Please consult the Student Handbook and speak with a Financial Aid advisor to discuss your individual situation.

Who can I contact for more information?

Email Shereen Inayatulla at