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At the conclusion of each English Department meeting, faculty share with colleagues their accomplishments over the preceding month(s). Those accomplishments are the reported here.

The English Department documents the accomplishments of its faculty members.  Full time and adjunct faculty are encouraged to share their accomplishments with the department at the conclusion of each department meeting.

Since 2000, announced faculty accomplishments have been reported on the English website.

Faculty Accomplishments for 2008-2009

April 2009

Helen Andretta wrote an article for the March "Academic Affairs Update" on the February Provost Lecture Series titled, "Poto Mitan: Hatian Women, Pillars of the Global Economy." The talk was given by Prof. Mark Schuller of the Social Sciences Department.

Jim Papa was part of a presentation entitled "Writing in General Education: Models, Examples, and Imperatives." 

Jonathan Hall just had an article accepted for the WAC Journal, entitled "WAC/WID for the next America: Rethinking Professional Identity in the Age of the Multilingual Majority."  The article will appear in the next issue of the publication due out in August.

Michael Cripps delivered a paper entitled "Reimagining Writing Center-WAC Collaboration " at the 2009 Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association Conference.

Prof. Cripps delivered a paper entitled " Waving at WI or Making Waves?: WI Requirements, Institutional Fragility, and WAC/WID Renewal." at the 2009 Conference on College Composition and Communication.

March 2009

Jim Papa organized English 200 Faculty Exchanges on February 23,  allowing participants to discuss the learning objectives for the course. On March 12,  Prof. Papa will also be participating in a panel presentation and discussion entitled "Writing in General Education: Models, Examples, Imperatives."

Heather Robinson and Michael Cripps gave a presentation, "Basic Writing in a Vacuum: Supporting Developmental Writers in a Post-Remediation World," on February 28, at Felician College, New Jersey.

Prof. Robinson will be giving a presentation, "Collaborative Grammar: Making Waves in Students' Relationship with Language," at the Conference on College Composition and Communication on March 13 in San Francisco.

Prof Robinson and Prof Bisla will present a workshop on March 4 entitled "Don't Wait for the Writing Center; Strategies for Addressing Grammar in Classroom Assignments."

Glenn Lewis was interviewed by Dick Brennan, chief political correspondent for Fox 5 - TV News, in a ten minute live segment on Prof. Lewis' impressions of the media coverage of President Obama.

Linda Grasso presented a paper, "Was Georgia O'Keeffe a Feminist?: Feminism, New Womanhood, and Historical Memory," at the New England Modern Language Association Conference held in Boston on February 29.

February 2009

Glenn Lewis served as editor of the Key Documents volume of the Encyclopedia of Journalism.  The volume has been enthusiastically approved by Sage Publications and is scheduled for publication and an international launch in September 2009.

Helen Andretta's Provost Lecture Series on December 3, 2008, "The 'Salt' of Peace," was based on her keynote address at the 2007 Northeast Regional Conference of Christianity and Literature.  Prof. Andretta's address was published in the proceedings papers of that conference: "The 'Salt' of Peace," Proceedings of the Northeast Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature, October 26-28, 2007: Making Peace in Our Time. ed. John F Hallisey and Mary-Anne Vetterling (Weston, MA: Peace Press at Regis College, 2008) 1-9.

December 2008

Linda Grasso published an essay, "Reading Published Letter Collections as Literary Texts: Correspondence Between Maria Chabot and Georgia O'Keeffe, 1941-1949" in Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 25.2 (2008): 239-250.

Charles Coleman will present a paper titled “Oprah Steps Out: Balancing Race, Gender, and Class Scripts” the week of July 13, 2009 at the 11th International Pragmatics Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Professor Coleman’s paper is a part of a panel presentation titled, “How Dare Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton Run for the Democratic Nomination at the Same Time!”

Alan Cooper has published a book review of Ted Solotaroff’s The Literary Community: Selected Essays – 1967-2007 in Jewish Book World 26:4 (2008): 34.

Glenn Lewis gave an all-day seminar on writing a professional book proposal for a nonfiction book at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism on January 5.

Jim Papa hosted the first of a series of English 200 Movie Nights in the Little Theater on December 10 from 2-4:30. The film “Il Postino” was shown and Professors Coleman and Namphy discussed the film afterwards.

November 2008

Linda Grasso gave a talk entitled 'Negotiating Gendered Subjectivity in Georgia O'Keefe's Autobiography" as part of New York University's Colloquium in American Literature and Culture on October 15.

Helen Andretta will deliver "The 'Salt' of Peace" on December 3 as part of the Provost Lecture Series.

Mark Blickley has had a memoir entitled "Lying the Truth"  published in Quay: A Journal of the Arts Volume 2, Issue 2.

October 2008

Glenn Lewis was the subject (along with the York English Department's new Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Degree) of a study posted by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism to both its Faculty-in-the news website and the CUNY Newswire on September 29.  The piece discussed Lewis' efforts in creating the curriculum for the degree, some of the high points of the program, and other aspects of his journalism career.

Professor Lewis served as moderator for a panel discussion with key people from the Economist Group at the CUNY Student Media Conference on October 3. The panel was titled "A View Towards Building an International Journalism Career." This was the 8th Annual CUNY Student Media Conference  and approximately 1,900 students registered for the event.  Prof. Lewis is a founding member of the Steering Committee for this conference.

Professor Lewis presented the York BA in Journalism curriculum to the Senior Editor of The New York Times Syndicate and her Photography Editor at a luncheon at the New York Times on October 2.  Both were impressed with York's new Journalism degree and set up plans to consider York students for their internship program in the near future.

Michael J. Cripps received a 2008-09 Title III grant under the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning's "Scholarship of Teaching and Learning" initiatives for his project "Interface Literacy, Video Podcasting and Project-Based Learning."

Professor Cripps moderated "Writing Across the Disciplines" on October 23.  The panel discussion featured prominent faculty members from other departments here at York.

Professor Cripps moderated a panel, "WAC and the Writing Fellowship," as part of the CUNY-wide professional development program for CUNY Writing Fellows.  The panel, held in the Elabash Recital Hall at the CUNY Graduate Center, featured 5 second-year Writing fellows.

Professor Cripps will present a paper at the 2008 CUNY Informational Technology Conference at the John Jay Collge of Criminal Justice on December 5. Prof. Cripps' presentation is part of a panel ("The Content Management System as Catalyst") that includes two members of York College's web team, Rafael Nunez (Web Systems Director) and Eric S. Tyrer II (Web Systems Manager).

September 2008

Sundeep Bisla has an article forthcoming in Victorian Literature and Culture, entitled "Over-Doing Things with Words in 1862: Pretense and Plain Truth in Wilkie Collins’s No Name."

Valerie Anderson has been elected chair of the English Discipline Council for CUNY.

Jonathan Hall will present a talk, entitled “10 Principles of a Comprehensive Writing Program,” at a conference at Hofstra University.

Janice Cline is now Director of the Cultural Diversity Program.

Linda Grasso was awarded a $1,000 travel grant from the Institute for Southern Studies to examine the Anita Pollitzer Archive housed at South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina. Pollitzer is central to Professor Grasso's book in progress, GEORGIA O'KEEFFE, FEMINISM, AND FAME. The Charleston-born Pollitzer was a suffragist and feminist who kept O'Keeffe connected to feminist activism over the course of a fifty-year friendship.

Michael J. Cripps and Karin A. Wolf are both recipients of 2008-09 Title III grants through York College's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Professor Cripps' project is entitled "Interface Literacy, Video Podcasting, and Project-based Learning." Professor Wolf's project is entitled "Investigating Electronic Self Directed Writing Instruction."

Helen Andretta has been invited by the Provost to be a member on his new Faculty Advisor Council.

Professor Andretta will give two talks in Fall 2008: one at Pace University, on Flannery O’Connor, and the other as part of the York College Provost Lecture Series, on December 3, entitled “The Salt of Peace.”