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Students are responsible to Drop Courses Before the First Day of Classes to Avoid a Tuition Liability.

Tuition and Fees

York College/CUNY Tuition and Fees Information

Effective Fall 2017

Undergraduate New York State Residents
Non-Resident and International Students
per semester
per credit
per credit
per credit
per credit
per credit
Graduate New York State Residents Non-Resident and International Students
per semester
per credit
per credit
per credit
Maintenance of Matriculation $215 per semester $350 per semester
Excellence Fee $800 per semester $800 per semester
Excess Hours $65 per excess contact hour $85 per excess contact hour
Senior Citizen Fee $65 per semester or session plus $15 consolidated service fee and technology fee

Material and Transportation Fees

Course Fees FAQ 's

Special Fees (Effective Fall 2013)

Change of Program Fee - $18

Statement of Account Letter - $5

Replacement ID Cards - $10

Transcript Fee - $7 per copy. Personal checks are not accepted. There is no charge for transcripts sent to other CUNY colleges. Students interested in ordering transcripts via the web should visit the Office of the Registrar's web page at

Readmission Fee - $20

Duplicate Diplomas - $30

"Make-Up" Exam Fee
When a student requests an examination at a time other than the scheduled time, and permission is granted by the College, a "Make-Up Exam" fee is charged at the rate of $25 for the first examination and $5 for each additional examination.

Association, Consolidated, Technology and University Student Government Fees-FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE

Full-time students pay $213.60

Part-time students pay $131.10

Students enrolled in one summer session pay $88.95

Students enrolled in more than one summer session pay $115.40

Penalty Fees

Late Registration Fee - $25
A charge of $25 is made for registration after the close of the official registration period. This fee is not refundable.

Non-payment Service/Late Payment Fee - $15

Students who are delinquent in paying tuition and fees by the college's established due dates will be required to pay a $15 fee for each missed due date in addition to all other outstanding college obligations.

Returned (NG) Check Processing Fee - $20 per returned check

When a student's check is tendered to the college as payment of a liability and the check is not honored by the bank upon which the check is drawn (NG check), the student shall be charged a reprocessing fee. A separate $20 fee will be charged for each check that requires reprocessing. Electronic payments, made through CUNYfirst, that are rejected for any reason will also be charged a reprocessing fee. The student will be required to satisfy the obligations, the returned check processing fee and a non-payment service fee of $15 for each due date missed.

If a check or eCheck (electronic payment) is returned for any reason, the student's check writing privileges on campus will be revoked.

Important notice of possible changes: Tuition and fees published on this web page are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York at any time.


A college may refuse to perform administrative services for any student who has failed to meet his/her financial obligation to the college.

If you do not make full payment on your tuition and fees and other college bills, and your account is sent to a collection agency, you will be responsible for not only what you owe the College, but all collections costs, including agency fees, attorney fees, and court costs.

In addition, non-payment or a default judgment against your account may be reported to a credit bureau and reflected in your credit report.

Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York at any time. In the event of any increase in the tuition or fees, payments already made will be treated as partial payment. Notification will be given of additional amounts due and the required date of payment.