Public Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research and Sponsored Research offers resources for faculty looking for grant opportunities. In addition to what is publishedinAccess Granted, more general sources for funding will be hosted here.

Internal Funding

CUNY offers many mechanisms for funding through Internal Funding programs as well as the PSC-CUNY Research Award Program. Both funding sources give CUNY faculty of all disciplines a great opportunity to obtain grants available exclusively for faculty and staff of the University.

PSC-CUNY Research Award

The PSC-CUNY Research Award Program seeks to enhance the University's role as a research institution and facilitate the growth and development for both younger and more established faculty. Funding is given to support activities in the creative arts and and all academically relevant research in areas of natural science, social science, and the humanities, including but not limited to research related to curriculum development, improvement in teaching, adaptation of standard educational techniques to special clientele, and the relationship between technical or occupational training and the liberal arts curriculum. For more information please visit the PSC-CUNY Research Award Program webpage.

Federal Funding Sources

The majority of funding for research projects and training programs are sources from the federal government. All federal grant opportunities are posted on This repository serves not only as a resource for finding funding but as a portal for submitting grant applications. Registration is not necessary for the downloading of grant applications, nor viewing of grant announcements.. The submission of the grant is handled by our office or the instution that is applying for the grant.

Listed below are additional federal funding agencies.


Dawn Hewitt, Director
Room: AC-2H05
Phone: 718-262-2060

Zsolt Horvath, Grants Manager
Room: AC-2H05
Phone: 718-262-2719

Ezzard Scott, Grants Accountant
Room: AC-1H12
Phone: 718-262-2125

Amanda M. Theodore, Grants Assistant
Room: AC-2H05
Phone: 718-262-2061