Here Principal Investigators can find policies related to research and research funding.

Intent To Submit Proposal
Form for Principal Investigators who intend to submit a proposal.

Bridge Funds - Revised 09-25-2017
Policy regarding the Emergency Research Bridge Fund (ERBF) for principal investigators in transition of their research funding.



Dawn Hewitt, Director
Room: AC-2H05
Phone: 718-262-2060
e-mail: dhewitt@york.cuny.edu

Ezzard Scott, Grants Accountant
Room: AC-1H12
Phone: 718-262-2125
e-mail: escott@york.cuny.edu

Amanda M. Theodore, Grants Assistant
Room: AC-2H05
Phone: 718-262-2061
e-mail: atheodore901@york.cuny.edu

Khadijah J. Myers-Nell, College Assistant
Room: AC-2H05
Phone: 718-262-5229
e-mail: kmyersnell901@york.cuny.edu