Here Principal Investigators can find policies related to research and research funding.

Intent To Submit Proposal
Form for Principal Investigators who intend to submit a proposal.

Bridge Funds - Revised 09-25-2017
Policy regarding the Emergency Research Bridge Fund (ERBF) for principal investigators in transition of their research funding.

Cost Sharing
Cost Sharing is the financial commitment an institution may take on any given projects expenses.



Dawn Hewitt, Director
Room: AC-2H05
Phone: 718-262-2060
e-mail: dhewitt@york.cuny.edu

Ezzard Scott, Grants Accountant
Room: AC-1H12
Phone: 718-262-2125
e-mail: escott@york.cuny.edu

Amanda M. Theodore, Grants Assistant
Room: AC-2H05
Phone: 718-262-2061
e-mail: atheodore901@york.cuny.edu

Khadijah J. Myers-Nell, College Assistant
Room: AC-2H05
Phone: 718-262-5229
e-mail: kmyersnell901@york.cuny.edu