Writing Across the Curriculum

Information and Support Materials for Students and Faculty

What Is WAC?

WAC stands for Writing Across the Curriculum. WAC is really more of an idea than anything else. It's the idea that college students should not stop writing when they leave their freshman composition course. Rather, writing should play a role "across the curriculum," meaning in all courses and in all departments, throughout a student's college career. Over ten years ago, CUNY decided WAC was important enough to require each CUNY campus to develop its own WAC Program.

What Is the WAC Program?

The WAC Program provides resources to help integrate writing into the curriculum in every department and academic program at York College.

We work to expand the role of writing in the General Education curriculum. We support faculty in the development of Writing Intensive courses and we manage the process of designating courses as Writing Intensive.

WAC works closely with the academic departments on campus.

Who Is the WAC Program?

The committees responsible for WAC represent the major divisions of York College. We are supported by 6 CUNY WAC Fellows, advanced graduate students from a wide array of disciplines enrolled at The CUNY Graduate Center, who develop and implement WAC activities and initiatives.Jonathan Hall serves as the WAC Coordinator and the WAC Fellows Coordinator.

What can I find on the WAC website?

We have a great deal of valuable material available for students and faculty on this site. Students will be interested in:

Faculty will be interested in:

Both faculty and students will be interested in:

We Can Help!Please do not hesitate to contact the Writing Fellow Coordinator, Jonathan Hall jhall1@york.cuny.edu about getting support through a faculty-fellow collaboration.Learn More About WAC!
  • Do you need help preparing a Writing Intensive (WI) course proposal or syllabus?
  • Would you like a Writing Fellow to facilitate a workshop for your students, focusing on a particular aspect of writing for your course?
  • Are you looking for support in order to integrate more writing into your course?

Learn more about what WAC and WAC fellows can do for your class, program, etc by downloading our brochure.

Writing Fellows Brochure