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Faculty and students will find a variety of resources here for their WI courses, from info sheets to style guides, discipline-specific handouts, and instructional videos about various writing skills.

Open Access Resources for York Students

2021-2022 WAC fellow Alex Viteri produced a handbook that gathers repositories of Open Access Journals that receive undergraduate’s submissions organized by York’s schools and departments.

Videos: Writing Tips and Techniques

If you are a visual learner, this is your page! Browse the WAC at York Youtube channel to find didactic videos on writing tips and techniques.


Our WAC information sheets offer help on a variety of writing issues.

Discipline-Specific Infosheets

These writing handouts guide students through the writing process in specific courses and disciplines including Health Education Program Planning.

Style Guides

This section includes style guides (APA, MLA, Chicago) as well as York WAC's History Guide.

CUNY-wide WAC Resources

Find other WAC Resources within CUNY