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Software and Apps

Information about how to request software and apps.

CUNY Site Licensed Software

To request a software application for which the University has the site license, go to our Computer Labs web page where you can find the contact information and a link to a list of CUNY site licensed software applications.

Some Free Software and Platforms

Request to Purchase Software or Web Apps for Teaching and Learning

Technology tools/software applications can be used in teaching and learning to promote and engage students in achieving the course objectives. Faculty can request purchasing a software application based on sound pedagogy by submitting a request for proposal. All granted purchasing requests will be processed via purchase order.

Proposals will be reviewed and approved by the Tech Fee Committee.

If it is approved, a report needs to be submitted, after using the tool for a semester, to the Tech Fee Committee that summaries the experience and effectiveness of the tool in the class(es) with some examples created with the tool.

Please note all teaching environments are subject to CUNY policies and procedures such as privacy/FERPA, content copyright, licensing, data retention, reliability (SLA, e.g. service level agreement) etc. and these should be considered in full.

Download both forms. Send the RFP to Dr. Greet Van Belle. If approved, send the report after using it for a semester.

Installation of Software on Campus Computers

To request software or apps for use on your office computer, create a service request on Y-Connect