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Additional accessibility considerations in Zoom meetings

Accessibility considerations and tips in Zoom meetings.

In addition to using auto-generated closed captioning, there are other considerations that will make your Zoom meetings more accessible to all students.

Sound Quality

High quality sound not only helps students hard of hearing, but also improve learning experience to all students.

  • Reduce background noise. The effective way to reduce background noise is to use a headset.
  • Mute participants who don't need to speak.
  • Speak clearly, not too fast.

Screen, App or Whiteboard Sharing

Note that a screen reader cannot understand the content shared from your screen.  It is important that you explain the shared content verbally.


The polling feature is accessible to people who use assistive technology. However, if someone joins your meeting by phone, they cannot use polling.  In this case, you can create the polling before the session on Office 365 Form, and then send the link to those who are dialing in the meeting.