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Using automatic closed captioning in live Zoom meetings

Steps to take to enable and use automatic closed captioning in live Zoom meetings
  1. Log in to your CUNY Zoom account with your CUNY Login credentials.
  2. Click Settings on the left menu.

    Zoom settings

  3. Scroll down to the section "In Meeting (Advance)."  Turn the "Closed captioning" and "Save captions" on.

    enable closed captioning

  4. In your Zoom meeting session, at the bottom, click "CC/Live transcript." 

    Live transcript

  5. On the pop-up box, click "Enable Auto-Transcription." Now your meeting participants/students will see the "CC/Live transcript" button appears on their Zoom meeting screen. 

    Zoom automatic closed captioning

  6. Tell the participants in your meeting that they can click the "CC/Live transcript" button on their Zoom meeting screen to see the closed captioning.
  7. You can save the transcript of your session by clicking "CC/Live Transcript" > "View Full Transcript." The transcript will appear on a panel on the right. Click "Save Transcript" at the bottom to save the transcript up to this point.

    access transcript


  • The live "CC/Transcript" feature is not working in breakout rooms.
  • The closed captioning/transcript is not included in the recording. You will need to post the transcript for students who need it.