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Speak with our Virtual Front Desk staff: Monday & Wednesday: 11 am-12 pm, Tuesday & Thursday: 3 pm-4 pm
Counseling Center Virtual Front Desk (Meeting ID: 848 1297 8930)
Call Us at 718-262-2272 or 718-262-2297 between 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday

Student Self-Help Resources

Please visit the below websites for helpful tips on dealing with the issues that college students often experience.

 link to the transition year

Information for students and parents to help students make a smooth transition to college, perform well academically, and maintain emotional well-being.

ULifeline Your online resource for college mental health

Online information resources for college mental health - get help now or help a friend.

Half of Us is for managing stress

Learn to manage various issues ranging from stress to trauma

Jed Foundation is for prevention of suicide

Promoting emotional health and preventing suicide on campus

10 minute mind link

The 10 Minute Mind is a daily online mindfulness meditation program that's been developed for busy people who want to feel less stressed and overwhelmed and more in control of their life.