Payment Due Dates

Payment Due Dates

Winter 2017 Session

If you registered:        Payment is due:

11/11/16 - 11/23/16

               12/7/16 by 12:00pm*

11/24/16 - 12/27/16  

                12/27/16 by 12:00pm*

After 12/27/16**            


Spring 2017 Session

If you registered:        Payment is due:

11/14/16 - 12/21/16

                1/4/17 by 12:00pm*

12/22/16 - 1/23/17  

                1/23/17 by 12:00pm*

After 1/23/17         



*Deregistration may occur on or any time after this date.

**Students who register for the winter session as of December 28, 2016 will be financially liable for the courses and any associated fees; courses will not be deregistered for non-payment.  

Students who do not plan to attend the winter session and/or the spring semester, must drop their courses on CUNYfirst before the first day of classes to avoid a tuition liability.  Click on the link ( view the college's academic calendar.

An interest free payment plan is available through Nelnet, CUNY's payment plan provider.  Students must enroll through CUNYfirst.  Log into CUNYfirst Self Service and go to your Student Center.  The payment plan is available for the fall and spring semesters.