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Refund FAQ’s

Bursar Refund FAQ’s

What is the student tuition and fees CUNY refund policy?
What methods are available for a student to receive refunds?
How do I enroll in direct deposit?
May I change my direct deposit information?
I paid the semester’s tuition and fees. Now, I have financial aid, and it is a sufficient amount to cover my bill. A refund is due to me. When will I receive the refund?
May I pick up my refund check from the Office of the Bursar?
I have not received my direct deposit refund. Where is my refund?

1098-T FAQ’s

Why didn’t I receive a 1098-T?
I did not receive any aid. How may I obtain a copy of my 1098-T form?
I believe my 1098-T form information is incorrect. Whom should I contact?
How may I go paperless and receive my Form 1098-T via CUNYfirst Self-Service?

How to Contact the Office of the Bursar FAQ’s

I have tried to contact the Office of the Bursar using my personal email address, but I have not received an answer to my question.
I am the parent of a York College student. I emailed the Office of the Bursar about my child’s outstanding bill. I was informed that my child had to contact the Office of the Bursar using her York College email address. Why?