Dr. Yates Executive Director of Enrollment Management

La Toro Yates, Ph.D. | Executive Director of Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management


The Office of the Executive Director of Enrollment Management encompasses many of the services needed by students and prospective students to become admitted and remain enrolled at York College. It assists and engages staff while collaborating with campus partners in support of the university's mission and commitment to academic quality, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Enrollment Management (EM) is a service-focused division of York College that consists of the following departments: Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, Testing, and Financial Aid.


EM’s primary goals are:

  • To attract, admit, enroll and retain eligible students
  • To administer state, federal, institutional financial aid and scholarships
  • To counsel students and families to ensure access, choice, diversity is representative of Jamaica Queens and the greater New York City area
  • To foster goals related to student persistence, performance, retention, and graduation
  • To facilitate student transitions into York College that lead to academic success and persistence to graduation


Phone: 718-262-2165
Room: AC-1B07

Enrollment Management Organizational Chart