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Winter Session

Earn Extra Credits in 3 Weeks.

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Please log into CUNYFirst to view course information and register for winter.  We have included the instruction below to assist you in the enrollment process.

Instructions For Using CUNYfirst

To register, follow these simple Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Go to the CUNY portal at and select CUNYfirst then enter your Username and Password.
  2. The CUNYfirst homepage will open, welcoming you to an Enterprise Menu. Select Student Center then a new page will open.
  3. If you have active service indicators, a stop Hazard will appear at the top near your EMPLID ID number and you may not be able to continue with registration. Your stops or blocks will be listed on the right of the page under holds.
  4. If no stops exist, you will be able to continue by selecting search on the left.
  5. To search for classes, enter the institution- York College and term Spring. Select a subject and enter the course code.
  6. To replace a course that was previously added with another course (or a different section of the same course), select replace after the course you wish to replace. Enter the new course code in the replace with box. Review your selection and then click on replace (if correct) or cancel (if the change should not be completed). If the class is available, your course listing will reflect the change.
  7. To drop a course, select drop after the course you wish to drop. Choose the drop option only if you do not choose to replace it with another course. If the class has been dropped, your course listing will immediately reflect the change. Administrative fees may be applied if you drop a class.
  8. You can continue to Add, Replace, or Drop more classes.
  9. It is essential that you sign off your CUNYfirst account and log out of your CUNY portal account when you have completed your session.

Payment Information

  • Please find the outstanding payment deadline for the Winter Session on your CUNYfirst Homepage.
  • Payments are accepted online through your CUNYfirst account.
  • Payment plans will not be available for the Winter Session.
  • Winter session tuition and applicable fees will be billed separately from the Spring semester although they appear on the same bill.

Students in attendance at other CUNY colleges, who wish to take courses at York College may file a CUNY E-Permit. Please consult with your home college for instructions and procedures on how to file an e-permit.

Students visiting from other colleges are welcome to take winter courses at York!

To Apply: Please complete an undergraduate non-degree application with a $70 application fee.

For more information on the non-degree process, please visit the Non-Degree page.

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