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Occupational Therapy BS/MS Program Curriculum

Major Discipline Requirements (98 Credits)

Course Description Credit 

Third Year

OT313 Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy 
OT315 Functional Human Anatomy 
OT316 Functional Human Physiology 
OT321 Occupational Analysis 
OT322 Occupations Through the Life Span 
OT318 Clinical Kinesiology 
OT319 Common Medical Conditions 
OT423 Collaboration in Occupational Therapy 
OT424 Professional Development I 
OT432 Neuroscience  3.5 

Fourth Year

OT403 Advanced Occupational Analysis 
OT411 Occupational Therapy Process I: Pediatric Intervention 
OT417 Research Methods  3.5 
OT404 Advanced Neuroscience 
OT505 Occupational Therapy Process I: Physical Intervention 
OT508 Occupational Therapy Process I: Psychosocial Intervention 
OT517 Research Design 
OT518 Research Seminar I 
OT647 Assistive Technology 

Fifth Year

OT506 Occupational Therapy Process II: Physical Intervention 
OT507 Professional Development II 
OT509 Occupational Therapy Process II: Psychosocial Intervention 
OT513 Systems Management 
OT519 Research Seminar II 
OT523 Use of Orthotics in Occupational Therapy 
OT524 Use of Physical Agent Modalities in Occupational Therapy Practice 
OT641 Fieldwork II Occupational Therapy Practice I 
OT642 Fieldwork II Occupational Therapy Practice II 

Sixth Year

OT522 Research Seminar IV 
OT643 Capstone Community Experience 
OT644 Advanced Occupational Therapy Theory & Practice 
OT645A Occupational Therapy Practice 
OT645B Occupational Therapy Practice 


Please note: Changes may occur, please click on the Online Bulletin link for an up to date curriculum: Occupational Therapy (BS/MS)