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Information about the Occupational Therapy Department

Quick Facts
Information about the Occupational Therapy Program

York College OT Education- Overview
Freshmen entering York College knowing that they want to major in occupational therapy should be able to complete the dual degree program within 5 and 1/2 years, earning a Bachelor's of Science degree in Health Sciences and a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy.

York OT Curriculum Year by Year
Occupational therapists use selected activities to help individuals become self-reliant, and build a balanced lifestyle of work and leisure.

Accreditation and Credentials
Occupational Therapy Program Accreditation and Credentials

Graduation Rate
Occupational Therapy Graduation Rate

York College Bulletin
The York College Graduate and Undergraduate Bulletins provide information about tuition, fees, policies, and procedures about withdrawing from the college, tuition reimbursement,grievances (faculty and students), dismissal from the college, graduation requirements as well as other policies and procedures.

NBCOT Pass Rate
NBCOT Pass Rates for the Occupational Therapy BS/MS Program at York College.

Vision and Mission
This section describes the Mission Statement, Educational Goals, Program Philosophy and Curriculum Design of the Occupational Therapy Program at York College.

OT Tuition and Fees
Please note that the specific tuition and fees for Occupational Therapy are subject to change.