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Nature of the Work

Occupational therapists use selected activities to help individuals become self-reliant, and build a balanced lifestyle of work and leisure. In a partnership with clients, occupational therapists may work individually, or in conjunction with members of health care teams (which may include physicians, vocational counselors, nurses, social workers, speech pathologists, physical therapists, teachers, and others).

Occupational therapists work in hospitals, clinics, schools, rehabilitation centers, home care programs, private practice, community health centers, nursing homes, and day care centers. Occupational therapists are licensed by New York State through the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Occupational therapists are registered by NBCOT. This licensure and registration (OTR/L) allow occupational therapists to carry professional and administrative responsibilities for occupational therapy clinical programs and services. They are responsible for evaluating clients, deciding upon program goals, working with clients to implement goals, and evaluating progress. In addition, OTR's educate practitioners entering the field and are involved in research.

DOE Contract

The York College Occupational Therapy Department is pleased to report having a contract with the New York City Department of Education (DOE). Information regarding the NYC DOE Occupational Therapy Scholarship Program is available at: