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Future Changes in OT Education

The following provides information about future changes for all accredited professional occupational therapy programs:

In July 2017 the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) issued the following statement regarding to professional education for the occupational therapist:

“The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE®) has mandated that the entry-level degree requirement for the occupational therapist will move to the doctoral level by July 1, 2027.

Only entry-level doctoral occupational therapy degree programs will be eligible to receive or maintain ACOTE accreditation status as of July 1, 2027.” (https://www.aota.org/Education-Careers/Accreditation/acote-doctoral-mandate-2027.aspx.”

AOTA and ACOTE Entry Level Education Update (10/17/2018)

“…In July 2018 the AOTA Board of Directors passed a resolution that the OTD and OTA mandates be placed in abeyance so that further investigation of issues related to the mandates be completed and recommendations be forwarded to the Representative Assembly for consideration...Therefore, while ACOTE continues to believe that the doctoral level is the appropriate entry point for the profession… ACOTE on September 27, 2018, accepted AOTA's abeyance of the 2027 mandate requiring all entry occupational therapy programs to transition to the doctoral level…. ACOTE will provide additional details about the implementation of the abeyance decision to its stakeholders as they become available. (Retrieved at: https://www.aota.org/Education-Careers/Accreditation/acote-doctoral-mandate-2027.aspx)