Student Resources

Department of English student resources.

Collaborative Learning Center
The York College Collaborative Learning Center provides writing tutoring for all York College students. Tutors work with students on all aspects of the writing process.

Writing Requirements
York College has a “spiral” writing curriculum, in which students are required to take at least five courses that include not only significant amounts of writing, but also specific instruction in the writing process.

Writing 300 Advice and FAQ
We always ask students finishing their Writing Program course to tell us what they think about the course, and what they would tell a student about to take Writing 301, 302, or 303. Here's some of what they say! You will also find here Frequently Asked Questions about the College-Wide Writing Program.

The York Review
The York Review is a collection of essays written by students in Writing 301, 302 and 303 courses.

Writing Intensive Courses
Students are required to complete three (3) WI courses for graduation, two in the lower-division (100- and 200-level courses) and one in the upper-division (300- and 400-level courses) in the major course design.

Grading Policies
Here students will find the grading policies of York College.

English 125/126 Textbook Companion Websites
Links to the websites for the textbooks used in English 125 and English 126 courses.

Writing and Research Resources
Resources to aid students in conducting research, integrating and documenting sources, and more fully engaging the writing process.

CUNY Graduate Programs in English
Links to the websites for the graduate programs in English across CUNY.

Additional Graduate School Resources
Useful resources to aid students in preparing for graduate school and choosing a graduate program.

Resources for Students Seeking Support
This document provides links to resources for students who feel vulnerable because of the incoming Trump/Pence administration. They are of particular relevance for immigrant students, and for LGBTQI students.