Quizzes or Exams FAQs

  • Use Firefox or Chrome browser. Other browsers may have problems.
  • After clicking the link for a quiz or exam, make sure to read the instructions before clicking the Begin button, and follow the instructions when working on the quiz or exam.

I got disconnected in the middle of my Blackboard test. What should I do?

It depends on how your professor sets up the quiz or exam. If it is set to “Force Completion,” the test must be completed in one sitting, and you cannot go back to continue if you are disconnect, click somewhere else in the course, or logged out of Blackboard. In this case, you should to contact the professor right away to report the issue and to see if the professor can give you another chance. If the test is not set to “Force Completion,” you should get back in immediately to continue your quiz, exam. In this case, the timer will not re-start but continue.