Center For Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technologies

Center For Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technologies

Using the BrowseAloud Accessibility Toolbar

To activate BrowseAloud in Blackboard, click on the “Make this website talk” link, then Yes to continue.

It will expand to show all available options:

  1. Click and drag the circle icon on the far right to move the panel in different areas of the page.
  2. You have the option for BrowseAloud to read and highlight text on the page:
  3. You can create an MP3 file of web page text:
  4. You can use the screen mask to focus on the paragraph you are trying to read and reduce distractions on the page.
  5. To magnify text, select the text you wish to enlarge and then select the magnifying glass symbol. Once selected, the screen shows the large highlighted text at the top of the page, it will also read it to you.
  6. To simplify the webpage, select the Simplify button. This will attempt to remove clutter from the screen allowing a clearer focus on the information.
  7. Select the Settings button to edit your settings while using the BrowseAloud toolbar. You can change the following settings: Change the highlighter color, Turn on the text magnifier and determine magnification size, Decide if it speaks to you when you hover over the text and at what speed, Whether ‘simplified’ view is always applied, and how links are read to you.

8. Select the Help button for the help menu.