Center For Teaching, Learning And Educational Technologies (CTLET)

Center For Teaching, Learning And Educational Technologies

Mission Statement

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies (CTLET) is committed to inspire, promote and support teaching and learning that is effective, engaging and rewarding.


1.    Provide and promote opportunities for faculty and students to learn about a variety of effective, engaging and rewarding teaching and learning strategies
2.    Provide support for faculty and students to implement evidence-based teaching and learning strategies
3.    Promote and support appropriate means of assessing teaching and learning
4.    Provide guidance and thought leadership on classroom design and provisioning of technologies for enabling, facilitating and supporting evidence-based teaching and learning strategies.

Services and Support

Hours and Contact Information

Blackboard and Online Technologies

Walk-in Hours:

Mornings and all Fridays in room AC-4G01
Mondays and Wednesday
9 AM to  12 PM

Tuesdays to Thursdays
9 AM to 11:30 AM

Afternoons in room AC-4G01
Mondays and Wednesday
12 PM to  5 PM

Tuesdays to Thursdays
11:30 AM to 5 PM

Phone: (718) 262- 5219

After-hours (IT Help Desk)
Mondays to Fridays
9AM to 9:45PM
9AM to 3:45PM
Walk-In: Library (Desk on the left)
Phone: (718) 262-5300

Media Equipment Services and In-Class Technologies

Walk-In Hours:
Mondays to Thursdays
8:15AM to 6:05PM
Fridays and Saturdays
8:15AM to 5PM

Room: AC-4G02
Phone: (718) 262- 2757

Media Production Services

Room: AC-4G02A
Contact Kahlil Garner
Phone: (718) 262- 2449

Computer Labs

Walk-In Hours: (Spring and Fall)
Mondays to Thursdays
9:00AM to 9:45PM
Fridays and Saturdays
9:00AM to 4:45PM

Room: CL-201a
Contact Elizabeth Chow
Phone: (718) 262-3888/3890

Past Initiatives