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Transfer Credit Evaluation

The evaluation of transfer credits are completed by the Office of the Registrar upon notification from the Admission's Office. Transfer credits can only be awarded for schools listed on the student's entry application.

Prospective students for Occupational Therapy should contact the Department of Occupational Therapy directly for a tentative evaluation of their transcript(s).

Transfer students from other CUNY colleges are encouraged to visit Evaluate My Transfer Credit in their CUNYfirst Student Center for an unofficial transfer evaluation. (For reference purposes only).

Prospective CUNY students may also use the Transfer Explorer tool:

This tool (Transfer Explorer) provides you and everyone else (inside and outside of CUNY) with quick and easy access to information about how ANY CUNY course at ANY CUNY college will transfer to ANY other CUNY college. Transfer Explorer will tell you (and anyone else), for a particular CUNY course at a particular college, what kind of credit every other CUNY college will give that course if a student who has taken that course transfers within CUNY.