Forms and Applications

Office of the Registrar Downloadable Forms and Applications

Application for Duplicate Diploma
Requests take 4-8 weeks from receipt of application to process

Application for Status Change
(Non- Degree to Degree) Students who have already earned a Bachelors degree from York College must NOT complete this form.

Application to Change Social Security Number
A registered student who wishes to change his/her social security number must present proper verification in the form of an original social security card (not laminated) and photo identification such as a government-issued ID or driver's license.

Application to Defer Graduation
Request to Defer Graduation

Application to Register for a Course on the Pass/Fail Option
A student not on probation who has earned 30 or more credits may decide to take one pass/fail course per semester for a total of not more than six courses. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis may not be those which constitute the student's General Education Requirements, or courses that fulfill major requirements.

Application to request Change of Name
Application must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in room 1H06 with picture I.D. and one of the following: * Naturalization papers (Certificate and Court Order * Certified copy of a court order authorizing the name change * Marriage certificate * Birth certificate

Application for auditing courses. Read through the conditions and sign and date by the student.

Change of Address form
Application to request a change of address. Application must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in room 1H06. I.D. required.

Declaration of Major / Minor
The completion of this form does not guarantee admission/acceptance to the following programs unless approval is granted by the department chairperson

Directory Information Non-Disclosure Form
This form must be filed with the Registrar’s Office if you do not wish any or all directory information disclosed without your prior consent.

FERPA - Permission for Access to Educational Records
This form allows students to grant third parties, including parents, access to their educational records maintained by the student’s college.

Notification under FERPA of Student Rights Concerning Education Records and Directory Information
This document describes student's right's concerning their personal educational record and who has access to it.

Preferred Name Request Form
While CUNY recognizes the importance that a change of name might have to students during their time with the university, a preferred name is not a legal name, but is generally used to change how others refer to you.

Readmission Application
Students with an overall GPA below 2.0 must obtain approval from Committee on Academic Policy and Standards (4G04) to be allowed readmittance.

Transcript Request Form
Requesting a York College Transcript.

Student Referral - No Blackboard Access
If all of the above has been verified and the student is still unable to access Blackboard, please refer the student to the Help Desk in the library.