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Department of Occupational Therapy Annual Research Colloquium


Academic Core Building - Faculty Dining Room 2D01

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The purpose of the annual Occupational Therapy Colloquium is to enable scientists engaged in basic and clinical research to directly interact and speak with OT clinicians, clinical faculty and OT/ health profession students. Often these researchers are engaged in international and collaborative studies that have implications for how we see patient disorders, impact of disorder on function, and applications to intervention strategies.

Learning a list: What goes awry in Alzheimer Disease

Nancy S. Foldi, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Neuropsychology Laboratory of Aging and Dementia at Queens College and the Graduate Center of the City University New York.

Dr. Foldi will be discussing aspects of how patients with Alzheimer disease learn, and how attentional abilities influence this ability. She will discuss previously published information about how healthy older adults and patients with geriatric depression learn a list of words (serial position effect) and will be presenting some of her newer findings of the neuropsychological profiles and the related brain regions that are involved in these processes in patients with Alzheimer disease.


4:45     Welcome and Introduction

Dr. Andrea Krauss, Chair

Dr. Lillian Kaplan

Department of Occupational Therapy

5:00     Dr. Nancy Foldi

Learning a list: What goes awry in Alzheimer Disease

Please RSVP by email to: Ms. Tenesha Spain,, by March 3, 2011.  Parking available with RSVP.