Contact Information

Contact Information

Honors Program Contact Information


Honors Program DirectorDr. Jong-Ill LeeAssociate Professor of Chemistry 718-262-2665

Honors Program CoordinatorLaraib Tariq Academic Core 3E07B 718-262-2814


Application Process Director/Honors Coordinator

  • Processing/Acceptance notification/Welcome meeting 

Record KeepingDirector/Honors Coordinator/Each student

  • For the current members on Blackboard/Update Forms  

Pre/Post-Semester GuidanceDirector/Honors Coordinator

  • Requesting new activities and data for update (research, presentation, volunteer, etc)
  • Helping early preparation to take Honors Course before the semester (Coordinate with the registrar office)

Honors Seminar

Honors Coordinator and Honors Program President/Vice-President are responsible for:

  • Advertisement on York College Digital Signage at least 4 weeks ahead of the seminar
  • Make seminar flyer and color print by contacting Printing Shop
  • Post the seminar info on the Honors program website 

Food Arrangement 


Room Request for Seminar

Please contact the Special Event Office to arrange the room for the seminar at least 4 weeks before the event.

Claudette Small-Robinson csmall@york.cuny.edu718- 262-2392

Dan Mattedmatte@york.cuny.edu718-262-2392

Senior Trip

Apply for a conference individually 


  • Transportation if necessary as a group (must be arranged personally)
  • Must get the payment card before the departure for the trip

Business Office Travel and Expense Contact  Tiffany Atkinsontatkinson@york.cuny.edu718-262-2132 Main Office: 718-262-2105


Dean's office/Scholarship office Maureen Becker


Kennybel Peña


To send a request for printing contact both Ismael Perez and Printing Press

York Printing PressPrinting@york.cuny.edu718-262-2293 

Ismael PerezIPerez@york.cuny.edu718-262-2013

Office supply

Maribel Donadomdonado@york.cuny.edu718-262-2805

IT training/Help

Help Deskhelpdesk@york.cuny.edu718-262-5300