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Lee, Jong-Ill

Lee, Jong-Ill

Associate Professor


Phone: 718-262-2665
Office Location: AC-3F01G
Email: jilee@york.cuny.edu

Photoresponsive molecular devices have a great potential in development of smart materials. They utilize various photoreactions such as photoframentation and cis-trans isomerization. Orthogonal photoreaction can provide a temporally and spatially controlled response with specificity. Multiple wavelengths in conjunctions with other inputs such as pH can promote more diversified chemical responses. In fact, this endeavor has currently expanded to areas like 3D printing, conductive hydrogel, photoswitchable nanosystems and materials, hybridization of DNA/RNA, Host-guest chemistry, self-assembly, uncaging biologically active compounds, and more. We target to develop new systems that can transform its structure in response to multiple signals like pH, light, temperature, etc, and can calculate what they need to do.

Photoactive drug carrier

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PhD Michigan State University Organic Chemistry 2001 
BS Pusan National University Chemistry 1989 

Areas of Expertise

  • Organic Photochemistry
  • Physical Organic Chemistry
  • Photo and pH reponsive smart material (mainly for drug delivery, biomarker, and light harvesting)

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