Lee, Jong-Ill

Lee, Jong-Ill

Associate Professor

Phone: 718-262-2665
Office Location: AC-3F01G

Office Hours  
MWF  1-2 P.M. 
Friday Organic Workshop  2-4 P.M. 


Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  Michigan State University  Organic Chemistry  2001 
BS  Pusan National University  Chemistry  1989 

My research interest includes the development of a new drug delivery system which can target a specific organ, collect useful physiological data and release drugs when a light signal is given.

Photoactive drug carrier

Areas of Expertise

Organic Photochemistry
Physical Organic Chemistry
Drug Delivery

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Richard S. Givens; Dominik Heger; Bruno Hellrung; Yavor Kamdzhilov; Marek Mac; Peter G. Conrad II;Elizabeth Cope; Jong I. Lee; Julio F. Mata-Segreda; Richard L. Showen; Jakob Wirz;. "The Photo-Favorskii Reaction of p-Hydroxyphenacyl Compounds Is Initiated by Water-Assisted, Adiabatic Extrusion of a Triplet Biradical.." J. Am. Chem Soc.. 130(11) 2008: 3307-3309..

Mansour M. Hassan; Chi Zhang; Jong-ill Lee; K. Mani Bushan; Anne McCasland; Richard S. Givens; Daryle H. Busch;. "Dynamics of Switch-Binding by a Linear Ligand that Transforms to a Macrocycle upon Chelation to a Metal Ion: Synthesis, Kinetics, and Equilibria." ACS Symposium Series 943, Paul Wang and Tiffany Zachry, (eds.). Ch. 11 2006: 186-222.

Richard S. Givens; Mani B. Kotala; Jong-Ill Lee;. "Mechanistic overview of phototriggers and cage release." Ch 2 in “Dynamic Studies in Biology” Maurice Goeldner and Richard S. Givens, (eds.). 2005: 95-129.

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Richard S. Givens; Jong-Ill Lee;. "The p-Hydroxyphenacyl Photoremovable Protecting Group." Journal of Photoscience. 10(1) 2003: 37-48.

Peter J. Wagner; Jong-Ill Lee;. "Dipole mediated regioselectivity in [2+2] photocycloadditions to triplet benzenes." Tetrahedron Letter. 43 2002: 3569-3571.

Dai, Jinhua; Anagi M. Blachandra; Lee, Jong Il; Bruening, Merlin L.;. "Controlling ion transport through layered polyelectrolyte membranes by derivatization with photolabile functional groups." Macromolecules. 35 2002: 3164-3170.

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Anthony Pagan, Jong I. Lee and Jeonghee Kang; Synthesis and Characteristic Study of Artificial Anthocyanidine " June 1, 2012: Middle Atlantic Regional Meetings of the American Chemical Society.

" Anthony Pagan, Jong I. Lee and Jeonghee Kang; Synthesis and Characteristic Study of Artificial Anthocyanidine " May 5, 2012: Undergraduate Research Symposium of ACS New York Section.

" Stefan Alinte; Sukjin Jang; Jong I. Lee; Synthesis and Development of New Phototrigger: 1,1,2-Triphenyl Ethanone Group, " 2011: American Chemical Society local.

" Dex-Ann Brow*n, Adam Profit, Ruel Desamero, Jong Lee, Jeonghee Kang; Probing the mechanism behind the inhibition of Src Kinase, " 2009: American Chemical Society local.

" Jong I Lee; Ali Kisha; Azahd Chowdary; Synthesis and Photolysis of Phenylethynyl Dendron”, ACS Local Meeting, " April 28, 2008: American Chemical Society local, Queens, NY..

" Jong-Ill Lee; Riamoni, Asnan; Roy, Sujit; Synthesis and Photolysis of Dendron Based Phototrigger: Phenylacetylenyl phenacyl dendron, ACS National Meeting, " , Aug. 2007, # 512,: 234th ACS National Meeting, Boston.

" Ma, Chicheng; Lee, Jong-ill; Orosz, George; Givens, Richard S. 4-Hydroxyphenacyl as a Phototrigger for Tyrosine and Other Phenols: At a Crossroad. Abstracts, 41st Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, " October 25-27, 2006,: Quincy, IL, United States.

" Lee, Jong I.; Photoremovable Protecting Groups in Biology and Chemistry; Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus, Department of Chemistry, Colloquium Speaker, " Oct. 18, 2005: Presented at Brookyn, NY..

" Lee, Jong I.; Phototriggers and Cage Release; Queens College of The City University of New York, Department of Chemistry, Colloquium Speaker, " Apr. 11, 2005: Presented at Queens, NY..

" Givens, Richard S.; Busch, Daryle H.; Zhang, Chi; Lee, Jong Ill; Bushan, K. Mani; Loving, Galen; Capture and release: Managing tight-binding receptors, 228th ACS National Meeting " Aug. 22-26, 2004: Presentation at Philadelphia, PA..

" Busch, Daryle; Givens, Richard S.; Zuo, Xiaobin; Zhang, Chi; Mosha, Donnati; Lee, Jong-ill; Bushan, K. Mani; Hassan, Mansour M.; Loving, Galen; Exploiting Ultra Tight-binding Ligands for Separation Technologies, 226th ACS National Meeting, " Sept. 7-11, 2003: Presentation at New York, NY..


PSC-CUNY (TRADA-44-699), A Green Method for Selective Protection for Amine and Alcohol. 2013-2014: $3,000.

PSCREG-38-1089, Asymmetric Addition of Fluorine using Fluorinated Coenzym Analogs. 2007-2008: $3,106.

PSC-CUNY, Photochemically Controlled Drug Delivery Nanodevices. 2005-2006: $4,040.

CUNY Equipment Grant, Probing the dynamics of binding and catalysis in dihydropteridine reductase using a mT-jump stopped-flow device. 2006: $40,000.