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Multimedia Presentations and Conversations using VoiceThread

Resources on using VoiceThread for interactive lectures, student presentations and much more

What is VoiceThread (VT)

VT is a cloud application that enables faculty and students to present, comment on and share content and ideas.  With VT faculty and students can have threaded conversations in text, images, audio and video formats.

Getting Started with VoiceThread

VoiceThread is integrated in Bb. It works best on Google Chrome and Firefox. To access it, go to a content page in your course, click "Build Content" > "York VoiceThread."

Access VoiceThread in Blackboard course

On the Create VoiceThread screen, type in an appropriate name and description/instruction.

  • If it is an assignment, click Yes for "Enable Evaluation."  Fill in possible points, set up a due date. click Submit.  Then click the newly created VT link and follow the steps in the tutorial Setting up a VT assignment to create the assignment.

enable evaluation for a voice thread assignment

  • If it is a presentation or mini-lecture you want students to watch, leave the default No for "Enable Evaluation." Click Submit. Then click the newly created VT link and follow the steps in the tutorial Create a new VoiceThread to record and share your presentation or mini-lecture with your students.

Or you can watch the recorded hands-on training session to learn more details on

  • Setting up appropriate links to VT in your course
  • Presenting content and asking students to comment on or answer questions in your lectures or presentations
  • Creating assignments for students to present and others to comment or provide feedback in text, audio or video format

Workshops and Other Resources

Did you already use VT? Do you have an idea how you can use it? Let us know by sending an email to!