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Specialized Computer Facilities

Computer Music Studio

  • Location:    AC-1B13
  • Facility:    Music students use Pentium computers and sound synthesizers in the Computer Music Studio to create and study music.
  • Contact:    718-262-2400

Fine Art Computer Lab

  • Location:    AC-1A01
  • Facility:    It is equipped with Macintosh G4 and iMac computers, digitizers and printers.
  • Contact:    718-262-2400

Library Computers

  • Location:    AC-3G01
  • Facility:    50 Internet accessible computers for electronic searches of databases and Internet resources are provided to the students, faculty, and staff.
  • Contact:    718-262-2034

SEEK Computer Lab

  • Location:    AC-1C08B
  • Facility:    The lab provides 24 computers to meet the special need of the SEEK students.
  • Contact:    718-262-2300

Student Government Computer Center

  • Location:    AC- next to the Library on the 3rd floor
  • Facility:    A 20-station Pentium 4 computer lab founded by the Student Government is provided for drop-in use by students
  • Contact:    718-262-2263

Testing Center & Bridge Lab

  • Location:    AC-1G05
  • Facility:    27 Pentium 4 computers in the Testing Center and 24 in the Bridge Lab are dedicated for evaluating prospective students and for the support of students with special needs.
  • Contact:    718-262-2012

Writing Center

  • Location:    AC-1C1B
  • Facility:    The Center contains Pentium computers and printers for students seeking help with their research and writing skills.
  • Contact:    718-262-2494