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Honors Program

The York College Honors Program provides the opportunity to learn and grow within a small community of students who share a love of learning and strong academic skills.

The program will prepare students for graduate study and exciting professional careers through research experience and individualized attention from faculty members. The interaction of students and faculty within the program will enrich the college experience and help guide students throughout their college career.

Benefits of Program Membership

Honors students are eligible for a number of scholarships at York College, as well as generous fellowship programs funded by federal grants. Honors courses will be designated with an H on the students transcript. Successful completion of the Honors Program will be noted on the students diploma and final transcript, and Honors students will be recognized at a special awards ceremony and at commencement. Students in the program will receive other special benefits on campus, such as early registration so that they can choose courses that best fit their schedules. Most important, Honors students will receive the individualized attention of their faculty mentor, as well as the support of the other students within the Honors program community.

The Honors Program

Each Honors student will work closely with a faculty mentor in his or her area of interest. This mentor will guide the student through college, developing an individualized academic program and helping the student prepare for graduate study and professional success. Honors students will participate in small interdisciplinary honors seminars on topics of timely interest and attend special programs with visiting scholars. Students will develop independent honors projects within their major subject. In the senior year, they will compete an independent study project and honors thesis under the guidance of their faculty mentor. Honors students will attend cultural and performing arts programs as a group each semester to make the most of our rich and culturally exciting city.

Criteria for Admission to the Honors Program

Students can apply to the Honors Program as incoming first year students, or prior to the Sophomore and Junior years. Students must spend at least 2 years in the program. Honors students must be attending college full time. To be considered for the program, students must meet the following criteria: High School Students:

  • 85% average or higher (official transcript required);
  • academic course of study, including science and math courses;
  • complete application with essay;
  • two letters of recommendation.

Current York Students/Transfer Students (12-72 credits on entering the program):

  • 3.25 GPA average or higher (official transcript required);
  • complete application with essay;
  • two letters of recommendation (must include college faculty)

For more information about the Honors Program, please contact Dr. Hywel Morgan, Honors Program Director 718-262-2311.