Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry


STEM-CARE Activities

Overhead Students and Faculty with computers


Our workshops will be led by faculty and subject matter experts and are aimed to improve math, reading comprehension, analytical, communication, and test-taking skills. Students will be paired with a faculty mentor to undertake independent study and/or summer research, and to provide them with academic advisement to guide them along a clear educational path to attain the skills required in reaching their goals.

Seminars & Career Talks

Seminars and career talks will be given by former alumni and field experts to inspire and educate students about a range of potential career opportunities after obtaining their degree. It will also enable students and faculty to interact with eminent STEM research scientists and professionals.

Classroom with seminar

Biology lab


Research participation will provide students with laboratory training and hands-on experiential learning. Students will be taught how data is collected, documented, and verified, as well as the ethical principles in the performance of all activities related to scientific research. As they being to obtain significant results, they will be taught how to prepare posters, give presentations, and write manuscripts.

Field Trips

STEMCARE students will have the opportunity to attend field trips and gain exposure to their potential work and research environments. In the past, York faculty and students have taken field trips to Pepsi, Brookhaven National Laboratory, as well as other research institutions in New York.

BNL Field Trip