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Chemistry (from Egyptian kēme (chem), meaning "earth") is the science concerned with the reactions, transformations and aggregations of matter, as well as accompanying energy and entropy changes during such transformations.

Chemistry (BS)

Mission Statement

The Chemistry major provides students with a sound foundation in the theoretical and experimental principles of chemistry. The course of study includes the areas of analytical, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry and biochemistry. The major prepares students to analyze chemical problems, apply modern theories of chemistry and conduct experiments to solve real-world problems through critical thinking. The graduates can apply for advanced studies in graduate school, professional programs in medicine and dentistry, and careers in teaching, industry, and government that require a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

Program Goals

  1. Students will learn modern concepts of chemical structures, properties, physical changes, chemical transformation, kinetics, thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics.
  2. Students will solve chemical problems through critical reasoning and the scientific method.
  3. Students will safely conduct scientific experiments using modern research techniques and computational tools.

Pharmaceutical Science (BS)

Mission Statement

The Pharmaceutical Sciences major provides students with the fundamental scientific and technical skills required to work in pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries or for post-graduate studies in pharmacy and related advanced professional trainings. In addition to the core competencies in organic, physical and analytical chemistry, biochemistry and instrumentation (common to the Chemistry major), the Pharmaceutical science major acquires specific competences and fundamental knowledge in pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmacology and regulatory affairs over the course of their four-year plan.

Program Goals

  1. Students will acquire a solid foundation in general, organic, physical, medicinal and experimental chemistry.
  2. Students will obtain basic knowledge of the manufacturing processes and regulations involved in the preparation and marketing of pharmaceutical products.
  3. Students will acquire fundamental knowledge of pharmacokinetics principles and basic understanding of the mechanisms of action of the major classes of therapeutic drugs.

Pharmaceutical Science and Business (MS)

Mission Statement

The goal of the Masters in Pharmaceutical Science and Business program at York College is to prepare students for responsible positions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry management. Opportunities for students, upon successfully completing the program, include careers with Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies, professional societies, and government/international agencies.

Program Goals

  1. Students will gain advanced concepts for the discovery and development of pharmaceutical drugs.
  2. Students will obtain advanced knowledge of the regulations involved in the preparation, marketing, and post marketing surveillance of pharmaceutical products.
  3. Students will acquire advanced knowledge of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic principles and pharmacogenomics.

Master of Pharmaceutical Science and Business

Department of Chemistry
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Postdoctoral Fellow and Ph.D. Students Opportunity
One Postdoctoral position is available at the group of Dr. Zhu Zhou at York College of the City University of New York (CUNY) and The CUNY Graduate Center to work on the research project funded by NIH.

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Biochemistry (Minor)

Chemistry (BS)

Chemistry (Minor)

Pharmaceutical Science (BS)

Pharmaceutical Science and Business (MS)

Ph.D. Program in Chemistry at The Graduate Center

Ph.D. Program in Biochemistry at The Graduate Center