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Property Management

The Property Coordinator at York provides administrative support and is responsible for monitoring the valuable equipment and hardware that is used for College operations and the education of our students.

This is achieved through the physical tagging of incoming items, accurate record-keeping, and periodic inventory of all such College property.

What kind of items need to be inventoried?

  • Desktop Computers
  • Network Equipment (servers, cabinets)
  • Software (over $5,000
  • Laptops
  • Tablets (iPads, etc.)
  • Equipment (lab equipment, printers, etc.
  • Furniture (single item over $5,000)

If you are uncertain if an item may need to be physically tagged for inventory, it is best to contact the property coordinator.  This is a simple process that involves affixing a CUNY barcode to the item and recording relevant information such as the model and serial number. 

What to do if you...

Have received an item that may need to be inventoried

Have realized that an item is lost or stolen

Need to transfer or dispose of an item

Have an item that you plan on taking off-campus or leaving at home

Would like to donate items that are no longer in use at the college