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Printing Services

Major Events

The Print Shop requires 60 days advanced notice for major events such as Commencement, Science & Math Expo, Theater Performances and Research Day.

Major events often require special paper stock and or other materials that are specific to a project, but are not kept in abundant supplies in the print shop.We want to ensure that we have enough supplies to cover your event. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to coordinate with the print shop the purchasing of any supplies required for your job. We will go over all the details, provide all the specs and assist you with getting a price quote for all of your material.

In addition, Major Events require a much greater turn around time than the standard 5-7 days.  We require 60 days advanced notice prior to a major event, if you need to order supplies. Please indicate to purchasing that the requisition is time sensative and to expedite.You must submit all documents and design work 3 weeks (15 business days) in advance to the print shop in order to guarantee completion of the project.