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College Algebra (M6) Workshops

The College Algebra (M6) workshop is for students who need to improve their math placement scores to allow registration in their required math class.

Required Math Placement Scores for York College on the CUNY ACCUPLACER 6 Test:

  • 40 or higher for Statistics & Probability (Math 111)
  • 45 or higher for Quantitative Methods for Decision Making (Math 115)
  • 60 or higher for College Algebra (Math 104)

Workshop Details:

  • Students do not have to retest on the CUNY ACCUPLACER 6 test
  • Allows students to achieve required placement scores for Math 111,115 and 104
  • Workshops contain quizzes, homework, midterm and final.
  • Workshops typically run for two weeks, 9 days, Mondays to Fridays, days or evenings.
  • Workshops typically run from April through July for fall semester enrollment and from October through January for spring .
  • Required placement scores are based on the average of class grades (not the same as ACCUPLACER 6 score).
  • With required placement scores, students become eligible to enroll in a required math class.

Registration and Contact Information:

  • To register come to Room 1C17, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • To get more information call 718-262-2321 or 2320 or email success3@york.cuny.edu


All Workshops Are Free