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Pre-Calculus Workshops

The Pre-Calculus workshop is for students who need to improve their math placement scores to allow registration in Math 120 (Pre-Calculus).

Required Math Placement Scores for York College on the CUNY ACCUPLACER 6 Test

  • 67 or higher for Pre-Calculus  (Math 120)

Workshop Details

  • Students do not have to retest on the CUNY ACCUPLACER 6 test
  • Allows students to achieve required placement scores for Math 120
  • Workshops contain required classwork and three weekly exams
  • Workshops are three weeks, 12 days, Mondays to Thursdays, days or evenings
  • Workshops typically run from June and July for fall semester enrollment and January for spring
  • Required placement scores are based on the average of class grades (not the same as ACCUPLACER 6 score).
  • With required placement scores, students become eligible to enroll in Math 120

Registration and Contact Information

  • To register come to Room 1C17, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • To get more information call 718-262-2321 or 2320 or email success3@york.cuny.edu


All Workshops Are Free