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Biology Workshops

SEP (Striving for the Excellence Program) biology workshop is for students taking Biology 201 or Biology 234


  • Good grades are important in biology classes
  • Let us help you be a step ahead of others
  • Let us help you get those good grades

Workshop Description:

  • Study for twelve (12) days, in class and online
  • Offered in July and January.
  • Taught by biology professor who will use authentic classwork
  • Introduced to basic knowledge needed in Biology 201 or Biology 234

 This program is supported and highly recommended by biology professors because too many students are:

  • NOT - Well prepared for the rigors of introductory biology
  • NOT - Passing their first semester of biology
  • NOT - Achieving the high grades needed in first-year biology
  • NOT - Able to continue the majors of their choice

Registration and Contact Information:

  • To register come to Room 1C17, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • To get more information call 718-262-2321 or 2320 or email

Get That “A” You Need For Your Major


All Workshops Are Free